Oil & Acrylic Paintings by Roger Jackson


Your work of art arrived yesterday. I can't get the smile off my face nor can I express the joy in my heart that every glance produces. Thank you!
Dennis stroud - 21 Sep 2019
Hello Roger How are you recently? I ‘m fine and busy warming. Last month l went to France twice and also Italy. I’m so tiered.But l have to go to Australia this weekend. It’s homestay programme like a last summer in Canada. I got several emails from Gail. And then I sent reply. Did she get it? I’m sad to know Shelby ‘s news. I thank you very much that I could have special time with your family. It’s my wonderful memories. I want to see you and Gail and Cozy. And I want to visit Mill bay again. Please say hello to Gail I hope you are fine and happy. Best Regards Kyoko Tada
Kyoko Tada - 11 Mar 2019
Hi, just checking what you've been up to. Everything looks wonderful! Here's to a good 2018. Congrats!
Donna Birtwistle - 10 Feb 2018
Well done this should help you out a lot. Way to go. Mavis
Mavis Pillar - 12 Aug 2015
'bout bloody time! Looks great. The new dorry paintings are beautiful.
Rob Jackson - 10 Aug 2015
Fantastic to see you now have your new website up and running! Love your "Water" folder in particular and look forward to enjoying all your future work.
Catherine Taron - 7 Aug 2015
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